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About Us

We are specializing in designing and handcrafting colors inspired sneakers. 

About Us

A Value Carried From Generation To Generation

Today, it has been positioned as a leading company in the sector as a brand that cooperates with the world's biggest brands and makes a difference with its line.

Sartoria Milano, having the mission of quality in items with 100% Natural material; over time, succeeded original and quality designs in its products.

Meanwhile, Sartoria Milano produces 90% of its products in Turkey, also devotes 10% of place in its store for the design of the world-famous Italian, French and Spanish brands which it is in cooperation with.


100% Vegan Products 

 We guarantee that we do not use any animal material in our products, and we are proud to be a 100% vegan brand! With the vegan shoe products we produce, we advocate making a production that respects the lives of our animal friends.


Unique Design Guarantee  

Our talented and young design team knows no rules and goes beyond limits! Each Sneaker design gives you the chance to personalize your life as a wearable artwork. It offers you the opportunity to express yourself more with the products you wear and use.  


Environment Friendly   

We value the ecosystem we live in. We handle all our production processes with this sensitivity and create environmentally friendly products.


A Sustainable World  

We combine fashion and design for a livable world. For the future of the world, we take steps in line with sustainability at every stage of our production.